NEW // 100% Australian Grown Frozen Pineapples

Sourced from Pineapple growers around Australia, our Frozen Pineapple is snap frozen when its perfectly ripe. Packed with a delicious, sweet flavour, reminiscent of summer – now available all year round, a must have for your freezer.

Delicious in tropical style smoothies, sorbets, cocktails, as a fresh addition to desserts and the perfect topper on a pizza.

100% Australian Grown Frozen Strawberries

Our Aussie Strawberries are snap frozen for optimum flavour and taste. Amazing in smoothies, jams, frozen yoghurt, sorbet and perfect in a strawberry daiquiri. 

100% Australian Grown Frozen Blueberries

Packed with flavour, our Aussie Blueberries are an essential for any freezer. Perfect for baking, smoothies, tarts, ice-cream or desserts.

100% Australian Grown Frozen Mixed Berries

Our Australian grown frozen Mixed Berries are full of flavour and are incredible in smoothies, baking, desserts, breakfast boosters and ice-cream.

100% Australian Grown Frozen Mangoes

Bursting with flavour, our Australian grown frozen mangoes are perfect to have in any freezer. Great in smoothies, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, lassi and even in savoury dishes.

100% Australian Grown Frozen Fruit range.
Available exclusively at Woolworths.