The benefits of buying Australian grown Frozen Berries

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grown Frozen Berries

Berries, frozen, fresh and in all their varieties are a fantastic food choice for Australians’ young and old. Apart from the fact that they taste delicious either as an accompaniment to a dish, an ingredient to a recipe, or on their own – their nutritional benefits are many and varied. 

However, berries, like most fruits, are seasonal. And while fresh is delicious, frozen is a fantastic alternative conveniently available year round. Frozen berries can help Australians meet their requirements of two serves of fruit every day. They are easy to keep on hand in the freezer, they allow access to high quality produce all year round and they are often economical, making them a practical, convenient and nutritious alternative to fresh.

Read on to find out why frozen berries are a fantastic addition to your home freezer!

Why are frozen berries a fantastic alternative to fresh? 


When they are not in season, berries will typically be imported. The cost of importing also makes them expensive. However, frozen berries are picked and snap frozen at peak flavour and freshness. This means costs can be kept consistent and affordable, they are Australian grown, and absolutely delicious! 

Longer Shelf Life

Frozen berries have a longer shelf life than fresh. This means that consumers have the luxury of more time to consume them while at their best leading to less wastage. In addition, more berries can be purchased and stored at the same time providing consumer convenience. 

Nutritional Values

Snap frozen at peak ripeness and flavour, frozen berries remain high in their nutrition. Like fresh berries, when frozen they are a valuable source of folate and potassium, nutrients that are essential for supporting a healthy pregnancy, maintaining good psychological well-being, healthy blood formation, and help to keep your nervous system functioning at its best! They are also a rich source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene which help to increase iron absorption from food (perfect for vegetarians), protect your body from free radical damage, provide antioxidant protection, and keep your skin glowing as it promotes collagen production! Plus they are an energy and immunity booster!​

Healthy Snacks

For those that like to snack, or for parents looking to provide fun and entertaining food choices for their children between meals, frozen berries are ideal. High in taste, full of nutrition, easy to serve, and entertaining – they are a great in-between go to!

Low Pesticide Level

Grown in Australia, by Australian farmers, to Australian standards and packaged in Australia provides peace of mind that Aussie Frozen Fruit Mixed Berries are a high quality product.

How Can Frozen Berries Be Used?

While delicious straight out of the freezer and on their own, they can also be used in any of the below dishes or meal options.

  • Cakes
  • Acai bowls
  •   Ice cream
  •   Muffins
  • Smoothies

Aussie Frozen Fruit – Best Place To Buy Australian Grown Frozen Berries

Aussie Frozen Fruit Mixed Berries provide a 100% Australian option of enjoying all the health and taste benefits of berries every day of the year! Found online or in store at Woolworths supermarkets, they are 100% Australian grown and packaged ensuring great quality.

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