The benefits of buying Australian Grown

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The benefits of buying Australian grown

Buying produce that is grown in Australia has numerous advantages to both consumers and farmers.

According to a recent study by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, more than 50% of Aussie shoppers want to buy locally sourced and produced products.*

Australian consumers are actively seeking out Australian grown and made products and firmly believe that buying Australian produce supports farmers and the local economy. They also have greater trust in Aussie produce and perceive it to be fresher and of better quality.

Aussie Frozen Fruit is proud to source only Australian fruit for our entire range of products and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with Aussie farmers. The quality and the flavour of Australian fruit is what makes our products so appealing to our customers.

Take our New frozen Pineapples for example. We work directly with Pure Gold Pineapples and their proud growers who are located around the Sunshine Coast region in QLD. These delicious Pineapples are used in our 400g packs of frozen pineapple and are bursting with sweet, tropical flavour. 

Make the choice that benefits all Australians and buy Australian grown today.

*CommBank Consumer Insights Report 24 May 2021

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