Frozen fruit has fast become a staple in many Australian homes for its convenience, versatility, various health benefits, as well as allowing for consumers to have seasonal produce available all year round.

When you purchase Aussie Frozen Fruit, you can always be confident in knowing that 100% of our fruit is sourced directly from Australian fruit growers and is processed and packed in our Yarra Valley, Victoria Headquarters.  

This is unlike many of the other frozen fruit options available, which are sourced from Chile, Peru, Turkey and China.

When you buy Aussie Frozen Fruit, you know:

  • Youre supporting Australian farmers and their local communities
  • Our fruit is picked at the optimum time to ensure it is packed with flavour
  • You’re helping to reduce carbon emissions when buying local compared to international imported products
  • Australian grown products adhere to strict quality standards
  • Our fruit is safe (SQF approved and HACCP certified)
  • Fruit is always in season (you can enjoy all year round)
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